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Discover Complete Solutions with Miner

Open the loading dock doors of almost any company and you’ll enter Miner’s world. Everything that moves materials, from hand carts to elevator lifts and from conveyors to compactors, is sold or serviced by Miner. Even the dock doors you opened.

Our sole focus is to drive down the cost of warehousing and materials management operations and to improve jobsite safety. As a pioneer in this endeavor, Miner has developed cutting-edge systems and services that provide top-tier support to Fortune 500 class companies throughout North America.

Miner saves our customers revenue and time by understanding their business, finding efficiencies in their operation, providing faster systems repairs and delivering expertly executed scheduled maintenance. We have become the single-source solution for some of the world’s largest fleets, yet still remain true to smaller operations too. Every customer we work with receives the same high level of attention, the same fast response rate and the same unwavering focus on getting them back on track.

One call to Miner’s centralized service center, open 24/7/365, sends a network of skilled professionals into action. Our National Service Partner Network has more than 2,000 on-call service experts throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico, and each year, they respond to more than 42,000 service requests. Meanwhile, in Miner’s many offices, more than 150 employees provide the management, engineering consultation and day-to-day operational support that keeps our company focused on yours.
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