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Dock Levelers

Dock levelers bridge the gap between the dock and the trailer, adjusting for height differences. They’re an important safety measure that can reduce injuries and costs associated with lift trucks driving off dock edges. Miner carries a range of dock levelers each specifically designed to fit the weight capacity and rated safe height ranges you need in your dock area. And when you add our regularly scheduled maintenance, you further ensure safety at this critical operational location. 
FX Series

FX Series

  • Automatic push-button operation
  • Self-contained air fan (110 volt)
  • Extremely simple design
  • Minimal parts and service requirements
  • Safety cross traffic legs - 60,000 rated
  • Extended warranty - Standard 
Hydraulic Series

Hydraulic Series

  • Push button operation
  • High capacity models
  • Many options for integration
  • Safety lip options
  • Closed loop hydraulic system 
Mechanical / Spring Activated Series

Mechanical / Spring Activated Series

  • Pull chain activation
  • Lowest initial investment
  • Ideal for docks without electricity 
Vertical Storing Hydraulic Series

Vertical Storing Hydraulic Series

  • Preference of some cold storage warehouses
  • Enables four-sided seal for energy savings
  • Provides easy access to clean pits
  • Container sizes up to 35 cubic yards
  • Remote-mounted, hydraulic power unit
  • Provides protection to overhead door tracks
  • Hydraulic power up and power down operation 

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