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Dock Seals

Dock seals from Miner prevent air, rain/snow, dirt, insects, birds and debris from coming in as trucks are loaded and unloaded. We stock a number of configurations for almost any situation – and can help you determine just what’s right for your dock.


  • Specialized seal design that provides superior sealing characteristics with improved trailer access
  • Seals trailer hinge gaps
  • Models for door sizes up to 9' w x 10' h
  • Wide selection of fabrics and colors 

DS "Tuf-Steel" Series

  • Provides the environmental seal between building wall and truck
  • Ideal for doors up to 9'w x 10'h
  • Galvanized steel backing in lieu of wood prolongs life and eliminates wood rot
  • Wide selection of fabric types and colors
  • Configured to work with any dock design

"Wearmaster" Sliding Head Pad

  • Ideal for facilities where trailers are spotted by "yard jockeys"
  • Patented two-piece head pad system is designed to move 6" to compensate for upward and downward movement of trailer during the spotting process
  • Extends life of dock seal
  • Reduces building wall damage

"L-Shaped" Dock Seals

  • Provides full-width and full-height access to trailers
  • Side pads constructed of foam
  • Sustains impact without damage from off-centered spotted trailers
  • Wide selection of fabric and colors
  • Ideal for door sizes up to 10'w x 12'h 

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