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High-Speed Doors

Designed to keep temperatures where they should be on both sides of the door, as well as help personnel move quickly through doorways, high-speed doors increase productivity and help cut energy consumption. Miner will custom-design your doors, then install and maintain them to ensure peak performance.


Arctec is your one door solution, combining the insulating qualities of a traditional, rigid cold storage door with the benefits of high-speed doors.
  • Fast, durable and able to withstand the impact of a forklift
  • Insulated closed cell foam panels have R-Value of 12
  • No panel defrost system required
  • Energy saving full perimeter seal
  • Optional window panels for visibility
  • Projects only 16 inches off the wall and requires only 23 inches of head clearance 
Fast Fold Series

Fast Fold Series

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Three defrost systems help reduce frost build-up
  • Pre-wired defrost system components save thousands of dollars in installation wiring costs
  • Door opens at 7 feet per second
  • Durable 3/8 inch thick, low temperature
  • Puralon panels offer full visibility and "take a hit"
  • Standard insulated vertical seams provide the tightest seal available
  • Rugged Tec-Trakâ„¢ roller and track assembly provides smooth and dependable operation
  • Insulated side frames help reduce energy loss
Rapid Panel Sliding and Folding Doors

Rapid Panel Sliding and Folding Doors

  • Interior or exterior capability
  • Opening speeds up to 80" per second
  • High security and insulating values
  • Cost effective
  • Excellent sealing characteristics for clean room, pharmaceutical, high-tech mfg.
  • Choice of panel material: galvanized steel, stucco aluminum, stainless steel, FRP or Kydex
  • Cooler and freezer models available 


  • Opens at 40 inches per second
  • Quick installation
  • Optional replaceable window panels for visibility
  • Break away bottom bar repairs quickly without tools
  • Design provides counterbalance and tension at all times 


  • Opens at 42 inches per second
  • Break-Away™ tabs allow door to be back in operation seconds after impact
  • Full width, replaceable vision panel for optimal visibility
  • Only 6 ¼ inches of side clearance and 3 ¾ inches of frontal projection required
  • Wind and negative pressure resistant  
Rapid Fold Doors

Rapid Fold Doors

  • Fast opening
  • Full visibility for safety
  • Million plus cycle capability
  • Can withstand impact of fork truck with little to no damage 


  • Opens at 80 inches per second
  • Dual guided counterweights for maintenance free operation
  • Optional replaceable window panels for visibility
  • Quick-Set™ Break Away bottom bar to minimize damage and downtime
  • Automatic reversing edge standard on bottom bar 
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