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Knock-Out Dock Doors

Some dock doors just keep coming back for more. That’s when you need high quality knock-out dock doors, built to take abuse and retain a seal. We stock, install and maintain the top brand on the market. 
TKO Knock-Out Sectional Doors

TKO Knock-Out Sectional Doors

  • TKO - The innovator of the knock-out sectional door
  • Entire door breaks away and resets in seconds
  • Insulated panels (2" and 4")
  • Spring-loaded plungers in lieu of rollers
  • Cost effective
  • Manual and motor operated
Bantam® The Dock Door Alternantive

Bantam® The Dock Door Alternantive

  • Takes a hit! Break-away tabs can be reset in seconds
  • Simple roll-up design with manual or motorized hoisting available
  • Heavy duty fabric
  • Limited space requirements
  • Available in sizes up to 10 feet wide by 10 feet high 

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