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Loading Dock Analysis

AVOID COSTLY MISTAKES WITH YOUR LOADING DOCK PROJECT: Complete the survey and receive a FREE loading dock analysis

Improper design and planning of your dock facilities can lead to expensive, time-consuming and serious safety issues. Common mistakes in dock design include:

  • Improperly accommodating the variance in trailer heights
  • Incorrectly identifying the proper lift gates, step offs (long bumpers) and different size trailers
  • Specifying the wrong dock seals or truck shelters
  • Selecting the improper dock leveler based on the expected capacity requirements

The Miner Corporation is an internationally recognized leader in delivering worry-free service for facilities maintenance. One of the many benefits of working with Miner is to receive pre-construction analysis and advice from our team of design-build experts for your next loading dock project. Simply complete the following form and a Miner representative will call with your FREE analysis and recommendations.

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