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Successful Solutions


Miner provides service and equipment solutions that reduce downtime and repair costs, ensure proper equipment application, enhance safety and provided comprehensive asset management to specialty retailers, manufacturing and distribution warehouses and Fortune 1000 customers throughout North America.

For more than 16 years, Miner has consistently delivered professional emergency maintenance service, equipment analysis and proactive preventative maintenance solutions to companies throughout North America.  Miner solutions leave their customers more time to focus on their core business – not on the business of maintenance.  


Reduce Downtime & Repair Costs

Compactor PM Reduces Service Calls by 31%

Streamlining of Freight Lift (VRC) PM Frequency Saves 19%

Training Program Reduces R&M 24%

Conveyor Repairs Brought In-House Result in Cost Savings


Proper Equipment Application

High Speed Doors Enhance Climate Controlled Area for Sensitive Robotic Equipment

High Speed Doors are NOT Created Equal

Slick Dock and Enhanced Climate Control Achieved with Proper Dock and Door Equipment

FREE Loading Dock Analysis


Enhance Safety

Push Button Vertical Dock Leveler Boots Safety & Employee Morale

Creative Solution for Difficult Truck Drive Area Solves Several Problems

Bug Screens Provide Ventilation While Keeping Pests and Debris Away


Comprehensive Asset Management

Fortune 1000 Retailers

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