When your company is dedicated to maintaining a temperature-controlled environment, having the right design features in your facility can be essential for upholding the quality and safety standards of your products and complying with industry regulations such as the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). Cold storage industry equipment is all vital, from commercial refrigeration units to the tight-sealing freezer doors that keep cool air in. When you have Miner on your side as a facility equipment partner, your system will receive the attention it deserves, from installation to ongoing maintenance.

Cold Storage Doors: Role in Temperature Control

Maintaining a cold environment is essential in industries that range form pharmaceuticals and food to petrochemicals and even fresh flowers. The equipment that enables such controlled temperatures includes refrigeration assets such as thermostats, compressors and evaporators. Maintaining system performance – keeping refrigerated goods fresh and preventing other hazards such as a build-up of melt water – relies on these elements, as well as the use of appropriate cold storage doors.

The ideal doors for refrigerated areas minimize the escape of cold air, ensuring that goods stay the right temperature without overtaxing refrigeration systems, which keeps energy costs down. Whether these doors slide or fold, they need to function consistently at a high level. Facility owners who neglect to install and maintain high-quality doors may find it difficult to maintain cold storage temperatures.

Cold Storage Doors: Types and Usage

Choosing between sliding and folding specialty doors is an important decision when setting up a cold storage area. Each type of heavy-duty insulated door is best suited to particular use cases.

High-Speed Sliding Cooler and Freezer Doors

Sliding doors use variable speed motors to open or close, enabling dependable performance and durability. These doors are available in multiple sizes, and may optionally have windows for visibility. These doors consist of insulated closed-cell foam panels and do not require a panel defrost system. With seals that minimize heat loss, these are a top energy-saving option.

High-Speed Folding Cooler and Freezer Doors

Folding doors, which open on a roller and track assembly, offer full visibility and impact resistance simultaneously. These doors come equipped with three defrost systems to ensure frost build-up doesn’t harm performance. The insulated vertical seams in the doors provide a tight seal against cold air leakage, as do the insulated side frames.

Cold Storage Doors: Repair and Maintenance

When you work with Miner for your facility’s service needs, you receive two distinct kinds of maintenance. Same-day emergency service gets your equipment up and running in the case of a breakdown breakdowns, with technicians carrying relevant replacement parts to speed up repair times. Preventative maintenance plans establish a long-term program to keep your facility proactively protected against, minimizing your need for reactive service.

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Whether you need to outfit a new temperature controlled area within your facility, repair damage to your cold storage equipment or simply put in place a better preventative maintenance plan for your existing assets, Miner is an ideal partner to help you implement a customized service plan. Request a quote today and take the next step toward improved conditions.