The equipment within your warehouse facility will play a large role in determining whether personnel are able to keep efficiency and productivity high. Not only do you need to have the right assets for any given job, the equipment must be installed correctly and maintained effectively, cutting downtime and enabling smooth operations.

When you select Miner as your partner for any or every step of the warehouse equipment management process, from selection to installation and ongoing maintenance, you gain peace of mind, knowing that every asset will be right for the job and cared for to the highest standards.

Warehouse Equipment Installed and Serviced by Miner

The following are some of the important equipment types managed by Miner. These are the assets that will keep your warehouse facility functioning at peak efficiency, and they collectively empower your employees to accomplish their jobs.

High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fans

High volume low speed fans are essential parts of a temperature control system within your warehouse. These fans provide the air circulation to even out air temperatures and keep your heating and cooling costs low. Proper maintenance can prevent and correct common issues such as damaged motors or blades.

Industrial Fan Controls

In addition to installing and maintaining the fans that circulate air within your warehouse facility, Miner also works with the iFAN industrial fan control systems that keeps this equipment operating at peak efficiency. The iFAN Control System is operated from a centralized flat panel display.

Lighting and Door Protectors

Safety gear around the loading area, such as dock lights, guard rails, bollards and dock barriers, will keep personnel protected during the critical loading and unloading processes. Everyone should be able to see clearly and be sure they are out of vehicles’ paths.

Safety and Reflective Systems

When you set up safety and alert systems, increasing the visibility of assets on the warehouse floor, you’re getting in line with industry regulations and protecting your employees against everyday risks.

Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors

Vertical reciprocating conveyors, designed to move between multiple levels on a loading dock, are significantly less costly than freight elevators. These systems transport goods only, not employees. When Miner installs and maintains your conveyors, safety code compliance is guaranteed.

Facility Protection Solutions

You can invest in manual or power-operated access gates to keep your facility secure. Safes, locks and keys are also available to protect valuable assets or intellectual property.

In-plant Lift Tables

Miner installs lifts that are right for the facility in question, because every warehouse’s requirements will differ. Lift tables are especially essential in facilities that must often move oddly shaped or heavy loads between elevations.

In-plant Offices

If your plant needs a new office, Miner can set up this space on the shop floor. When space is at a premium, there is still room for an office as part of a mezzanine. This method of office construction puts the supervisor in an advantageous vantage point to see the shop floor.

Emergency Repairs and Preventative Maintenance

Once essential warehouse equipment is installed, keeping it working at peak efficiency – and minimizing downtime whenever possible – is your new priority. Fortunately, Miner offers two primary types of service to accomplish this goal.

Same-day service is available for emergency situations when a piece of equipment stops functioning. Professional technicians, carrying common replacement parts in their vehicles to further speed their work, get the assets back to 100% effectiveness quickly. With the problem resolved and downtime minimized, the facility suffers only limited losses in productivity.

While same-day service is a boon to any facility, your warehouse is at its best when it also has a proactive preventative maintenance plan in place. Under such a strategy, gear is serviced before problems occur, keeping downtime to a bare minimum and saving you time and money.

Reach out to request a quote today and solidify your warehouse equipment strategy.