The doors on your facility serve many purposes, and specialized hardware is a must. You need to install and actively maintain specialty doors suited to their roles. These assets protect your facility and the workers within it against industrial accidents, regulatory problems and other consequences of insufficient equipment.

Selecting the right doors, installing the assets correctly and keeping them maintained over time are equally important steps in facility upkeep. A partner organization such as Miner can give your organization assistance in all these areas.

Types of Doors Serviced and Installed by Miner

The following are the four main categories of door hardware available from Miner. Collectively, these four types of interior doors can provide specialized coverage for nearly any kind of industrial facility.

High-Speed Doors

These doors help maintain temperatures in different areas and allow employees to move quickly and efficiently throughout the building. Miner custom-designs its high-speed doors for its clients, delivering the right door for the job. This category of door includes:

  • Rapid panel sliding and folding doors: These high-speed sliding doors open at up to 80 inches per second and can be deployed inside or outside. The cost-effective, insulated and secure doors come in galvanized steel, stucco aluminum, stainless steel, FRP and Kydex. Cooler and freezer versions are available and they may seal clean rooms in pharmaceutical or high-tech manufacturing settings.
  • Fast-Seal: These doors, opening at 40 inches per second are quick to install and have optional replaceable window panels to enable room visibility. Break-Away bottom bars enable tool-free repairs, and the doors are designed for counterbalance and tension.
  • Predadoor: With Break-Away tabs that allow the doors to recover from impacts, these assets are resistant to wind and negative pressure. Predadoors open at 42 inches per second and have full-length, replaceable vision panels. These doors need little clearance for installation.
  • Turbo-Seal: Opening at 80 inches per second, these doors have optional window panels and dual guided counterweights to reduce maintenance. The bottom bar is a Quick-Set Break-Away model to prevent downtime, and has an automatic reversing edge.
  • Rapid fold doors: These fast-opening doors are designed to last for a million or more cycles and take little to no damage from the impact of a forklift. They offer full visibility for safety.

Freezer and Cooler Doors

Ensuring cold areas remain sealed is one way to cut down on energy costs and keep areas up to industry standards. These doors assist you in reaching these goals within your facility. Varieties available from Miner include:

  • Arctec: These doors give the insulation of a rigid door with the efficiency of a high-speed door. They are fully sealed around the perimeter, require only 23 inches of head clearance and sport optional windows. There is no panel defrost system needed to keep these closed-cell foam panel doors free of ice, and the doors are designed to resist a forklift impact. Their R-Value is 12.
  • Fast Fold Series: These doors are quick and easy to install and contain three pre-wired defrosts systems. Opening at 7 feet per second, the doors are made of durable Puralon panels with tight seals. The doors slide open on a Tec-Track roller system and are insulated around their side frames.

Impact/Swing Doors

When doors are designed to take hits and still stay sealed, they are classified as impact doors. Miner services two main kinds:

  • TKO Knock-Out Sectional Doors: These whole doors can break away and be reset in seconds. Equipped with 2- and 4-inch insulated panels, these doors use spring-loaded plungers instead of rollers and may open manually or via a motor.
  • Bantam – The Dock Door Alternative: These roll-up dock doors with heavy-duty fabric can be up to 10 feet high and wide, open manually or with a motor and consist of break-away tabs that can be reset.

Fire Doors

In addition to the specialized door types described above, Miner can also provide help with your organization’s fire doors, ensuring these assets are in working order so they will pass inspections and keep your team members safe in the case of a fire. When door curtains or panels are damaged or motors aren’t at full capacity, fire doors are an unacceptable risk factor in your facility,

Kinds of Service and Maintenance from Miner

Once your specialty doors are installed, your relationship with Miner isn’t over. Maintaining the assets and keeping them in working order are essential parts of optimizing your facility’s performance. Same-day field service, provided by trained technicians who carry the essential components for quick and effective repairs, prevents the efficiency and productivity losses associated with long downtime. While same-day service is valuable, it’s only for use in emergencies, and your facility can realize savings by investing in preventative maintenance and minimizing the need for reactive repairs.

Request a quote today and start planning your next specialty door project.