The doors of your facility, as well as the grates on the windows and the security grilles protecting parking garages and other spaces, represent the places where your company’s buildings meet the outside world. The quality of the security door hardware you choose – as well as the installation and maintenance of the assets – can prove important in keeping facilities safe and secure.

There are many reasons to opt for heavy steel doors for your commercial building. These secure pieces of equipment can stand up to tough weather, ensuring merchandise and assets inside aren’t damaged by precipitation, wind or other tough conditions. The doors are also strong enough to act as barriers against would-be intruders, keeping your facility secure.

Whether you’re interested in fully revamping the entrances and exits of your facility or you’re simply seeking to refresh, repair or actively maintain your equipment, you owe it to yourself and your employees to review the status of your steel doors. By working with expert Miner personnel, you can develop a comprehensive strategy that will prevent your interior and exterior doors from becoming a potential problem and deliver peace of mind.

The Value and Importance of Effective Steel Door Installation

When your facility’s steel doors are doing their job, you don’t have to think about them. There are many small issues, however, that can add up when these assets age, when they don’t receive proper upkeep, or when they haven’t been installed correctly. For instance, damaged door slats or minor gaps in the structures can give pests a point of entry to your facility. An infestation is especially problematic in the food supply chain or other industries demanding cleanliness standards, but it is a costly and irritating issue across sectors.

Other door malfunctions include hardware failures such as breakage in the springs, cables, rollers or slats, as well as bending in the tracks. Doors with such problems can end up stuck open or closed, or they can drift. Steel doors may also be impossible to lock or secure. These issues force employees to find temporary solutions and compromise the safety and efficiency benefits of effective steel doors.

The main way to cope with industrial door issues is to work with a trusted partner such as Miner for every step from selecting the right door for your facility to installation and maintenance planning. It’s clearly more effective and economical to complete the job correctly from start to finish than to deal with issues reactively as they occur.

Types of Steel Doors Available from Miner

Miner offers several types of rolling steel doors, each designed to work with a specific kind of door or window. The commonalities between these steel assets are their durability, versatility and your ability to work with Miner personnel to ensure your installation is right for the facility in question. Whether you’re creating a strong door between your building and the outside world, putting up a grille in a parking area or setting up a shutter for a storefront or other window, you’ll find equipment and maintenance options to suit your company’s needs.

Rolling Steel Doors

The rolling steel doors available from Miner set industry standards in strength and performance, providing protection from both the elements and potential break-ins. Both light and durable, these commercial steel doors are available in sizes up to 60 feet wide and 40 feet high. Miner offers heavy-, medium- and light-duty versions of rolling steel doors, ensuring your hardware is always appropriate for the purpose at hand.

If environmental pressures are your main area of focus when purchasing a door, you can select a door with high wind load application. Miner rolling doors are equipped with helical torsion springs designed to handle 25,000 cycles. If you predict your doors will receive extremely heavy usage, you can opt for high-cycle springs that can withstand even more operations.

Rolling steel doors from Miner have computer-matched counterbalance systems, and an optional motor operator allows you to open or close the doors safely and responsively at the push of a button. No matter the functional or aesthetic needs of your facility, you can find steel doors that meet those requirements from Miner, with each installation customized to suit the building in question.

Rolling Grilles

When you’re responsible for protecting a facility that is open to the elements but must be closed at night, you need a reliable and secure grille solution. Miner offers both rolling and sliding steel grilles suitable for outdoor use in parking or perimeter applications, as well as indoor applications in malls, airports, banks and shopping centers. Requirements will vary between these uses, so each installation is customized to fit the space and your needs.

In some cases, especially when the door in question is relatively small, grilles are best opened and closed by hand, using a push-up, chain or crank method. In other situations, it’s better to have a motorized automatic opener. Steel grilles installed by Miner can use any of these systems. The assets are light enough for employees to open but strong enough to deter thieves, vandals or other intruders when closed. As with steel doors, grilles may be chosen to fit the aesthetic needs of the facility and ensure the space looks presentable after hours.

Security Shutters

When you want a small opening, such as a counter or storefront, protected against the elements, you can employ the same kind of strong and reliable rolling steel asset that is available for full-scale doors. Counter doors and security shutters made out of galvanized steel can prevent thieves, vandals and other intruders from causing problems while your business is closed. Whether you’re setting up these rolling shutters on an internal counter or one that is exposed to the elements, there are customized options available that will prove effective in safeguarding the space.

The shutters come with the same door opening options as larger steel doors – you can choose between manually operated models or versions with push-button motors. Based on the measurements around your counter or storefront, such as the amount of head room, rolling or sliding shutters may represent your company’s best bet to protect its windows.

After Installation: Service and Maintenance

Once you’ve chosen and installed suitable commercial doors for your facility, you should make every effort to ensure the assets stay in good condition. This means working with Miner to maintain and protect the equipment in question. The first step in an effective maintenance plan is proactive in nature. When you have a preventative maintenance plan in place, with trained and experienced technicians checking on the assets, there is a reduced chance of encountering costly downtime at unexpected moments.

While preventative maintenance may seriously reduce the risk of downtime and lost efficiency, even the best-prepared companies do occasionally require fast repairs to get assets back in working condition. This is where Miner same-day service comes in. Maintenance technicians equipped with the most common replacement parts to ensure their repairs go smoothly are always on call to ensure rolling steel doors and other essential assets are back in action quickly.

The quality of your facility’s doors can determine the security of your property, the protection of your goods against the elements and the efficiency of the workers who have to pass through those portals every day. It’s never a bad time to review the condition of your buildings and ensure your doors are receiving the attention they deserve.

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