When you choose high-speed, high-performance doors for your facility, you can achieve several important productivity and efficiency goals. Doors that open and close quickly are advantageous for maintaining stable temperatures with climate-controlled areas, minimizing the strain put on heating and cooling systems and the related energy expenditures. These doors are also helpful from a pure efficiency point of view, with employees able to pass through quickly with minimal disruption to their daily routines.

Categories of High-Speed Doors Serviced by Miner

There are many types of doors available from Miner. While some are best suited for use as interior high-speed doors, others can connect your facility with the outside world. Selecting the right class of door for your company’s needs is the first step to maximizing the asset’s effectiveness. Then, you can work with Miner personnel to customize the installation and ensure the facility and door are a perfect match.

High-Speed Rolling Doors

These fabric doors are equipped with break-off bars at their bottoms to ensure they are durable and resistant to impact damage. The doors are insulated to prevent wind and negative pressure resistant to ensure extreme environments don’t affect your facility. With a design that ensures counterbalance and tension, the doors are highly stable. With optional full-width replaceable vision panels, your personnel can easily see through these roll-up doors. The doors are designed to open at 40 inches per second.

High-Speed Sliding Doors

These insulated solid panel doors provide an air-tight seal suitable for clean room use in high-tech or pharmaceutical manufacturing, or any industry that requires a solid barrier to keep environmental elements out. These doors are usable in interior and exterior settings, and they open at up to 80 inches per second. Rather than one type of panel, these doors support several materials, from galvanized or stainless steel to aluminum and more. These doors provide strong, cost-effective insulation and admirable security for the most sensitive and vital areas in your facility.

High-Speed Folding Doors

These rubber doors are available in many sizes, thicknesses and specifications to ensure they fit the need within a facility. The plastic panels are both durable and flexible, and are designed to hold up after being struck by a forklift. The doors are transparent, allowing full visibility for professionals working on each side and minimizing the chance of a collision. In addition to insulation, the doors open quickly and are made to hold up through a million or more cycles.

Maintenance Offerings Available from Miner

After interior and exterior doors have been selected and installed, you should ensure plans are in place to protect them from breakdowns and the losses of efficiency that come along. A comprehensive maintenance strategy will have two main components, each of which is available through Miner.

First, you should ensure there is a preventative maintenance plan in place. When expert personnel proactively take care of your facility’s high-speed doors, you can minimize downtime and keep the assets in better condition for longer.

Even when you perform preventative maintenance, there is always the possibility that an unforeseen problem will occur. To limit the downtime caused by such a situation, you can invest in same-day service from Miner. Trained technicians equipped with the parts to resolve common equipment failures can be on the site quickly and get your operations up and running again.

Reach out today for a quote, whether you’re planning a door installation project or seeking maintenance services for existing assets.