The loading dock of your facility serves as the interface where your goods enter the supply chain. Therefore, if the dock suffers an equipment breakdown, it creates a bottleneck that can bring productivity to a halt. It’s essential that your organization takes care of its loading dock areas by installing the best possible equipment, having reliable loading dock repair technicians on call and employing preventative maintenance practices to minimize the risk of failure.

Miner can be your partner for all elements of the dock service and repair process, providing your organization with ideal assets, engaging in on-demand repairs when needed and delivering top-quality preventative maintenance to ensure those service calls are few and far between. The following are some of the details of these service and repair considerations.

Dock Repair and Services: Equipment We Cover

There’s more to a loading dock are than the physical dock and the commercial doors. By improving every element of the loading dock, you can boost the productivity, reliability and safety of your facility. There is value in embracing new installations and proactive maintenance for the equipment your employees count on every day as they move goods. The effects can be felt up and down the supply chain as operations proceed at full speed and peak efficiency. Key assets going offline is devastating, not just from a safety perspective, but also regarding logistics efficiency. Large-scale improvements to the dock provide a way to minimize these costly occurrences.

Dock Levelers

If your current loading dock has a lip that does not extend to meet trailers, or the concrete has worn down over time, you may find automatic dock levelers are the ideal solution to make loading and unloading easier. The mechanical and push-button options available from Miner can deliver economical performance when paired with proper installation and maintenance. Loading and unloading are the most basic everyday practices that go on at a loading dock. With the right leveler in place, these actions become easier to accomplish in a safe and efficient manner. The benefits from this kind of installation can therefore go a long way.

Dock Shelters

Putting a dock shelter around your loading dock doors keeps docked loads safe from the elements. These are available with rigid or fixed frames, or as three- and four-sided rail shelters, ideal for refrigerated loads that cannot be exposed to temperature fluctuations. Depending on the weather conditions in your area, the type of deliveries your organization makes and the balance of manual labor and automated elements present on your dock, you can select a shelter that perfectly enables your supply chain workflow.

Dock Seals

Seals are paired with dock shelters to ensure weather, animals and other contaminants don’t slip into your facility while trucks are unloading. Due to the wide variety of commercial door configurations in use, Miner offers multiple seal types from various original equipment manufacturers. If the shelter is the general, large-scale screen against the elements, the seal is the additional asset specifically in place to ensure loads pass into and out of the facility in perfect condition. Choosing the right dock seal for your needs means finding the perfect balance of performance and toughness.

Dock Safety Equipment

Technological safety measures to decrease accident rates on your loading dock include truck restraints that may employ signage or lights to ensure personnel are informed of all comings and goings around the dock area. These systems are designed to have minimal moving parts and require no scheduled maintenance. There are a variety of safety systems available today, and while technologically sophisticated assets are useful, there is also a place for these very simple deployments. When determining whether your dock needs refreshed equipment, safety should always be the first factor considered. Preventing industrial accidents wherever possible is the highest priority for conscientious supply chain asset purchasing.

Emergency Equipment Repair for Loading Docks

When something goes wrong on your loading dock, you need it repaired as quickly as possible to avoid the high average cost of downtime. When you have same-day service, technicians are standing by to assist, with the most common parts required for repair jobs already stocked in their vehicles. These personnel have Miner Academy training to safely and efficiently repair assets of multiple types, from many OEMs. Miner Academy resources are also available to your employees, so they can perform some maintenance tasks in-house.

Whether your supply chain operations involve dealing with third parties or are entirely internal, and whatever part of the chain your company represents, having these fast answers to potential breakdowns is highly important. Losing hours or even days of productivity, with products unable to move onto or off of vehicles, is a setback your organization can’t afford to endure.

Preventative Maintenance for Loading Docks

The best practice regarding loading dock repair is to stay ahead of potential problems, so your organization is forced to call upon emergency repair service personnel as sparingly as possible. This means harnessing the power of preventative maintenance, minimizing unplanned downtime, and delivering customized repair services that meet OEM specifications and your facility’s loading dock repair needs.

Any kind of intervention in the dock area, from dock door repair to dock plate repair and beyond, is best handled proactively rather than reactively after a disruption has already occurred. A solid proactive maintenance plan for a dock area will allow your organization to stay one step ahead of disruptions in service, while also helping to detect potential safety violations and counteract them before they put people at risk or cause the business to run afoul of regulators.

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