Your facility’s loading dock area is one of the most important parts of the building, acting as the physical gateway between that location and the larger supply chain. Loading and unloading should be a smooth, efficient process. To ensure things proceed in this manner, you should employ the right loading dock equipment, including dock seals and shelters.

Dock seals are assets that prevent weather, animals and debris from getting into your facility during the loading and unloading process. Dock shelters are the larger hoods that keep the elements off of your personnel and goods when trailers pull up to your loading dock. These pieces of equipment work together to keep your workplace from becoming hazardous and defend loads from contamination. If your facility has insufficient seals or shelters, it’s time to think about upgrades or replacements.

Services Offered for Dock Seals and Shelters

Miner offers a variety of installation, repair and service options around the loading dock. Each maintenance plan is customized to a single company, as no two facilities are exactly alike, differing in details such as dock height, door size and the types of safety regulations that apply. Depending on the size and shape of your building, you may also need to outfit the area with mechanical dock levelers, dock bumpers and more. Careful upkeep for every asset in the area is an important consideration, as a single mechanical failure could compromise the performance of the whole dock and, by extension, the supply chain.

Installation of dock seals and shelters is an essential step in getting your dock up and running. By working with multiple original equipment manufacturers, Miner grants business owners access to a wide variety of equipment to ensure the perfect match. Miner personnel can also perform inspections to determine what assets you need to comply with safety regulations and Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) standards.

Dock seals and shelters wear down over time, weathering and potentially tearing away from the doors. An effective repair plan combines the ability to provide same-day emergency service with proactive preventative maintenance that will limit your need to call upon service professionals. When you work with Miner for your dock seal and shelter maintenance, the technicians have Miner Academy training and familiarity with a full range of OEM assets, as well as access to common replacement parts in their vehicles.

Dock Seals: Styles and Options

There are many types of dock seals you can select for your facility, each optimized for particular uses. Whether you need a standard dock shelter or a more specialized variety to accommodate the trucks, trailers or train cars pulling up to your facility, making the right choice is the first step in solidifying your logistics performance.

Thinking about your company’s dock seal needs in terms of ideal outcomes, meaning the exact role you need those assets to fulfill, will help you stay on track through this process. If your organization needs to maintain a cold chain in the food production sector, a seal that connects your refrigerated trucks directly to the facility’s cold storage doors is a must. Selecting reliable dock seals and a maintenance plan that will keep them in top condition helps your employees maximize their own productivity around the loading dock area.

When selecting the new seal for your dock, assisted by an expert partner, your main choices are the following:


A V-Seal is designed to cover all spaces between trailers and facilities, providing full access while also sealing openings such as trailer hinge gaps. These seals are available in multiple colors and fabric types and are compatible with doors up to 9 feet wide by 10 feet high. 

DS “Tuf-Steel” Series

The “Tuf-Seal” series is also suitable for doors up to 9 feet wide by 10 feet high. This design employs galvanized steel in place of wood to make the equipment last longer than comparable seals.

“Wearmaster” Sliding Head Pad

When trucks are guided into place by spotters, it’s possible for them to damage seals or building walls. The “Wearmaster” head pad system moves up to 6 inches to compensate for trailer movement, and is meant for longer usable life in tough conditions.

“L-Shaped” Dock Seals

“L-Shaped” seals with side pads can cover more space than other options, ideal for full access to trucks’ trailers via doors up to 10 feet wide and 12 feet high. The foam pads minimize damage from spotted trailers coming in crooked, and the seal is available in many fabric types and colors.

Dock Shelters: Styles and Options

Selecting the ideal shelter type for your business is a way to get your dock seal and shelter service plan off to a promising start. These shelters are essential for protecting loading and unloading operations from the ravages of tough weather, or just insulating your crews and shipments from the elements at all times. Selecting high-quality dock shelters ensures the equipment will endure for longer.

The following are the three primary varieties of dock seal shelter:

Rigid Frame Shelters

These versatile dock shelters accommodate numerous trailer sizes and types of doors. Personnel have full width and height access to trailers when dock doors are outfitted with these shelters. Made of galvanized steel frames, with translucent panels of fiberglass on the top and sides and a variety of fabrics on top, these shelters are available in many colors to match your facility.

Flex-Frame Shelters

Flex-Frame Shelters have an impact-resistant design. When a spotted trailer pulls up to the dock off-center, the frame will absorb the impact by folding, minimizing damage. These shelters otherwise deliver the same performance as rigid options and are available in many colors and fabric types.

Rail Shelters

Ideal for cold storage doors, these three- and four-sided shelters are designed to enable temperature control over your loading dock area. FMSA-mandated safe transportation of food products may rely on having the right assets in place at every step of the way, and that includes on the loading dock.

Get a Quote for Dock Seal and Shelter Service

Whether you’re building a new facility, installing refreshed seals and shelters on an existing dock, or simply investing in better maintenance and upkeep for your current equipment, Miner is a valuable partner to have on your side. Request a quote today to take the next step.