Sectional doors are useful and versatile assets with a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications. If you select, install and maintain these industrial doors effectively, they can last for years, proving to be cost-effective components in the building. To ensure you get this level of performance at every step of the process, you can work with an expert third party such as Miner on all your sectional door projects.

Sectional Door Products Installed and Serviced by Miner

Miner divides its sectional door offerings into two general categories, alongside complementary technology to control these doors. Between these asset types, you’ll likely find a selection that suits your company’s needs and gives your facility the reliable and secure entryway it needs. s

Steel Sectional Doors

Steel doors from Miner are designed to last for years, delivering a safe, secure and stylish point of entry to your facility up to 32 feet wide and 24 feet high. The overhead doors are available in 16, 20 or 24-gauge steel, and the tracks and hardware that hold the doors are made from heavy-duty galvanized steel. The exterior of the doors can consist of glass, plastic or painted panels to match the aesthetic of your building, with multiple colors available. You can choose wind-load rated or thermal-efficiency doors to suit specialized needs. The doors’ tracks can accommodate as little as 18 inches of overhead or open fully vertically if headroom is plentiful.

Reliable facility doors are essential for keeping the supply chain moving smoothly. When a door suffers a mechanical failure, work around that area comes to a halt. This could result in productivity losses, with trucks sitting in loading docks, unable to load or unload cargo. Employees still on the clock may be forced to sit with nothing to do, the organization losing money while maintenance personnel are called in. New facility doors, purchased from respected brands, installed by experts and serviced as part of a proactive maintenance strategy are therefore essential parts of a facility’s logistical productivity, no matter what stage of the overall supply chain your business operates within.

Insulated Sectional Doors

Purchasing insulated doors helps you maintain an energy-efficient facility, driving down the costs of heating the space by retaining as much heat as possible. These doors are available with the same general options as the standard steel offerings. The doors may be up to 30 feet wide and 24 feet high, and they are customizable with many colors, track shapes and thickness of steel paneling.

Maintaining the cold chain is an essential priority for any company dealing with food and other perishable goods. Insulated doors can be part of such a carefully controlled ecosystem, ensuring that money spent on managing the facility’s internal temperature does not go to waste and not letting cold air escape. It pays to augment these doors with a fully energy-efficient and temperature-controlled loading dock area. This may encompass shelters and seals around the loading doors. Frequent maintenance will help ensure these assets are operating up to their potential and not allowing wear and tear to lessen the budgetary and safety advantages of the doors, seals and shelters.

Door Operators

You have several options regarding the opening mechanism for your doors. Motor operators add push-button ease to opening the door, while manual chain hosts may be the optimal pick for companies that don’t have much space in their warehouses or are in search of an affordable option. With a master control unit, facility staff can gain visibility over multiple elements of dock operation, including the status of the sectional doors.

Safety is a critical part of managing an effective facility and a strong supply chain, in general. Door operator systems are part of your employee safety efforts, provided their installation is accompanied by sufficient training and oversight. Every person working in the warehouse or other facility should understand how the new door operator works, as well as what to do to stay out of dangerous situations and to respond to an emergency. Practices should be reinforced through training and codified in written policies, and supervisors should be on their guard to ensure the measures are being observed.

Maintenance Offerings for Your Sectional Doors

Once you’ve chosen and installed your commercial sectional doors, it’s important to keep these assets in top condition in the days and years ahead. To this end, you can set up a preventative maintenance plan through Miner, with facility experts performing periodic checks and work to ensure the doors are functioning at peak condition. Paying proactive attention to assets such as sectional doors minimizes the potential for downtime. 

An intelligent proactive maintenance strategy is created with a company’s needs in mind. Rather than being a one-size-fits-all assessment of equipment, such a well-designed strategy is meant to optimize uptime for that specific organization and produce ideal outcomes, ranging from employee safety to profitability. Of course, these priorities are intertwined, as few things are more costly than an accident in the workplace.

When a piece of equipment does break down, Miner can also help with that situation. Same-day service technicians, who travel with the components they need to enable quicker repairs, can get to the scene and prevent lengthy downtime from cutting into your bottom line. While preventative maintenance reduces the need for service calls, it’s always reassuring to know help is a call away. What may have been a lengthy delay can be resolved quickly enough to get trucks back on the road and people back on the job.

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