Minercare programs

MinerCare Proactive Maintenance Program — Let our service professionals protect your investment. MinerCare increases your facility uptime, reduces total cost of ownership and ensures safety and sustainability for you and your employees. The comprehensive program prevents costly repairs and down time with three distinct components: Safe-CHECK, Safe-ACT and Safe-TRACK.

  • App Based Facility Safety & Productivity Assessment
  • Maximize Budget Spend & Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Documented Plan of Action to Help Create OSHA Awareness
  • Monitor Equipment for Optimal Efficiency & Prolong Life Cycle
  • Track Warranty, Proactive Maintenance and Safety Concerns Before they Become an Issue

Miner’s Survey Application

The Miner® Survey Application allows you to store important information about the fixed assets in your logistics hub all in one place. A user can easily walk through your warehouse and capture all the assets within the building.
Assets that can be documented include:

Data such as manufacturer, serial number, type, capacity and much more is available for entry. We use the notes feature to track modifications, repairs and necessary recommendations. The ability to take pictures of the asset and store them for reference is a built-in feature that awill allow us to asset track the surveyed equipment. 

  • Identify Potential Problems, Reduce Downtime, Increase Productivity
  • Create Optimal Total Cost of Ownership, Extend Equipment Life & Maximize ROI
  • Promote Safety and Cleanliness in Your Facilities
  • Energy Costs Reduction
  • Can Help Reduce Unplanned Maintenance by as Much as 50%

This Program Allows Miner to “Take Action”” on the Following Issues:

  • Alignment Issues on Drifting Doors
  • Tracks & door Panel Adjustments
  • Loading Dock Lip Adjustments
  • Weather Seal Replacement Around AIB Inspections
  • Diagnostics of All Control Box Settings
  • Pit Cleaning & Proper Lubrication on All Equipment
  • Spring Adjustments with Proper Safety Precautions
  • Loading Dock & Door Bumper Repairs (Not Caused by Misuse)


  • Qualified Facility Experts will Apply Asset Tags to Equipment
  • Collection of Quality Data & Reporting to Assist with Spend & Budgeting
  • Develop Insights into Product Reliability & Life Expectancy
  • Create Optimal Total Cost of Ownership Per Asset
  • Track Monthly Recurring Service Costs & Analyze
  • Establish Detailed Equipment Planning to Stay Up-to-Date on Latest OSHA Requirements
  • Establish Benchmarks Across Multiple Facilities & Make Data-Driven Decisions