Prevent Common Warehouse Injuries: An Informative Infographic

The warehouse is a critical node in the supply chain. It’s the point at which all supplies are collected and dispersed on their way toward their ultimate destinations.

At the same time, the warehouse can be an incredibly dangerous work environment if facility managers don’t take proper safety precautions. Accidents happen on a regular basis, which can result in injury, or worse.

As accidents occur, the ripple effect on the rest of warehouse operations is very noticeable. Negative ramifications include increased downtime, weakened employee morale and a lost sense of security while at work.

However, facility managers can keep accidents and the resulting consequences at bay by making regular inspections and investing in a few simple upgrades.

Decrease forklift accidents

Take forklifts, for examples. Though incredibly helpful, these vehicles can also be dangerous when used improperly or when people in the area aren’t sure when or where a forklift will be driving. Eight-five forklift accidents happen annually, many resulting in injury.

A lights communication system can make operating in a warehouse around moving forklifts a lot safer and easier to navigate. Depending on the system, or combination of systems, lights can direct traffic in warehouse aisles similar to the lights at a city intersection. Or, blue lights affixed to the back of the vehicle can alert nearby workers as to what the forklift driver’s next move will be.

Reduce overexertion injuries

Though many warehouse employees are notably strong, workers still have their limitations. In 2015 alone, there were 113,260 instances of employees suffering overexertion from lifting or lowering heavy equipment or inventory.

An overexertion injury could keep an employee away from work for extended periods of time. These scenarios can be avoided, though, when the right machinery is in place to assist in moving heavy items. Ergonomic lifting systems are also effective in preventing injuries, since they encourage the proper positions and techniques in picking up or setting down objects.

Keeping your operation safe will not only encourage greater morale among workers, but also reduce the negative effects of downtime. To ensure your systems are up to date, reach out to Miner Corp.