Minercare® Safety & Service Programs

Minercare® safety and service programs

Let our service professionals protect your investment. MinerCARE® increases your facility uptime, reduces total cost of ownership and ensures safety and sustainability for you and your employees. The comprehensive program prevents costly repairs and down time with two distinct components: SafeCHECK and SafeACT.

Have you considered these safety issues at your loading dock?

For industry-leading facility owners, ensuring good working conditions is a top priority, one that comes before all other considerations. Even a single avoidable accident on the dock is one too many. Developing the ideal environment for secure loading dock work is a multi-part process that includes legal compliance, employee training, frequent facility inspections and the implementation of programs such as proactive maintenance. By following through on these many priorities, you can create a best-in-class loading dock capable of attracting top-performing employees.
  • High-traffic loading docks with fast-paced
    forklift operations
  • Incidents of premature trailer departure due to
    lack of communication
  • Potential problems with door drift and dock
    leveler lip extension
  • Misuse and abuse of equipment, leading to
    operational problems
  • Requirements for inspections such as AIB, USDA
    Food Plant, FSIS, etc.
  • Proper safety training and oversight of employees
    to meet OSHA requirements

MinerCARE® Safety & Service Programs help you proactively identify potential problems and ensure every aspect of your facility is running at peak performance.

Reduce downtime, increase productivity

Keep your facility safe & clean

Maximize budget spend and optimize total cost of ownership

Monitor equipment for optimal efficiency & prolong life cycle

Track warranties and OSHA compliance

Reduce energy consumption and costs

Our Solution

Our comprehensive solution includes thorough site assessments and documentation of our findings with recommendations to improve your facility operations through an action-oriented process:
  1. Site assessment (safety and equipment performance, fixed assets)
  2. Analyze data
  3. Implement a plan
  4. Proactive prevention
  5. Review results and ongoing performance
Our SafeACT and SafeCHEK programs are scalable, to meet the individual needs of each facility.
Safe act
  • Visual inspection and repair recommendations
  • Clean areas to remove debris
  • Lubricate products to prevent corrosion & water damage
  • Adjust equipment to maintain safe & efficient working conditions
  • Document findings & offer recommendations
  • 1-Year Warranty on parts & labor
  • Fire doors & fans annually
  • Minimum twice per year on dock & door products
  • Onsite physical inspection with facility survey and comprehensive documentation of current operating conditions
  • Collect & analyze data
  • Review results with a facility expert to maximize ROI & budget
  • Put a documented plan of action in place
  • Monitor plan to ensure productivity, product life cycle optimization and OSHA compliance
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Driving Safety & Uptime

This eBook provides detailed information regarding the value of proactive maintenance, what type of equipment should receive it, the risks of sticking with reactive maintenance and what to look for in a provider for proactive maintenance.

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