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Open the loading dock doors of almost any company and you’ll enter our world. We sell or service everything that moves materials, from hand carts to elevator lifts and from conveyors to compactors. Even the dock doors you opened. Our sole focus is to drive down the cost of warehousing and materials management operations and to improve jobsite safety. As a pioneer in this endeavor, Miner® has developed cutting-edge systems and services that provide top-tier support to Fortune 500-class companies throughout North America.
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We save our customers revenue and time by understanding their business, finding efficiencies in their operation, providing faster systems repairs and delivering expertly executed proactive maintenance programs. We have become the single-source solution for some of the world’s largest brands, yet we still remain true to smaller operations, too. Every customer we work with receives the same high level of attention, the same fast response rate and the same unwavering focus on getting them back on track.

Our Customers

We provide consistent equipment and service solutions throughout North America to a wide variety of customers.

Our History

Miner® was founded on the principle of putting customers first. As we’ve grown through the years, expanding our capabilities and expanding nationwide, our dedication to customer service and our focus on the critical facility systems that keep your business running have guided us every step of the way.

Philip T. Miner formed the Miner® Corporation in 1994 with one simple goal: to help Fortune 500-class companies drive down costs on the warehousing and retail equipment they owned and improve jobsite safety. In short, he developed a company dedicated to protecting the interests of its customers.

Our focus on equipment installation, repair and proactive maintenance earned us a solid reputation for fast response times and outstanding service. These attributes translated into less down time and more cost savings on a consistent basis for each of our customers — and word got around.

Today we’re investing in our future with a New York-based private equity firm. And we’re expanding through a strategic invest-and-build philosophy focused on our core customer capabilities.

  • Advanced Technology
  • Geographic Expansion
  • Field Service & Coverage
  • Exceptional Talent
  • New Verticals

Choose your career path

We are looking for employees who believe when you work hard, you can play hard. We have a team of industry box breakers who are dedicated to providing solutions geared towards the customer’s needs. Whether you’re a skilled technician excited for adventure, an experienced administrator, or a sales guru who is ready to apply your expertise to new challenges, we have an opportunity for you!

CAlling all veterans

We are proud that such a large part of our workforce is made up of veterans. This is done intentionally, and we are honored to have them lead many of our maintenance shops across the nation. Our company and our customers benefit from the experience of our military veteran team members. We invite all military veterans to explore career opportunities at Miner.

OnPoint Group is proud to be the single outsource partner to fulfill every material handling and facility need—from doors and docks to material handling and warehouse accessories. Through our unique technology platforms and the industry’s most skilled workforce, OnPoint Group has the capabilities to offer complete, customized solutions for customers who are responsible for managing national, regional and local facility operations.

We are equipped to manage the entire life cycle of every asset that is critical to maximizing the uptime of business operations, while increasing worker safety and optimizing the total cost of asset ownership


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