Industrial Doors


Your facility’s industrial doors are the literal gateways to the building. When door equipment is suitable, well-installed and actively maintained, the advantages add up. Ideal industrial doors enable:

Cold storage doors, both internal and external, play an important role in cold-chain strategies. Your decisions from equipment selection to installation, maintenance and emergency repair arrangements therefore carry weighty consequences.

  • Quicker, more seamless logistics and supply chain operations
  • A better visual appearance for customers and visitors
  • Improved protection against the elements, pests and intruders

Strong proactive maintenance for high-quality equipment also reduces the disruptions and risks associated with avoidable breakdowns and downtime.

If it’s been too long since you inspected your building’s industrial doors, you may be missing out on opportunities to improve the facility’s overall performance.


Every area of your facility has its own requirements and needs, demanding specific industrial doors. The following are key categories of door equipment installed and maintained by MINER:
  • Loading dock door: Loading dock doors and related equipment such as loading dock shelters and seals keep your supply chain moving smoothly and efficiently. Having the correct size of door is important for loading and unloading trucks. Implementing an automated door opening system can increase speed while decreasing manual exertion.
  • High speed door: High speed doors can be made of materials such as fabric, steel, aluminum or rubber. Whether used for internal divisions or as barriers between your facility and the outside world, these doors should be reliable to prevent productivity bottlenecks.
  • Insulated door: Whether you’re setting up a temperature-controlled environment to comply with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) or simply hoping to reduce energy expenditures by retaining treated air, interior and exterior insulated doors can be an important part of your environment.
  • Rolling door: Rolling steel doors, grilles and security shutters can close your facility tightly after hours, preventing intruders or pests from entering the premises. These assets cover a wide range of descriptions to reflect their intended uses — a manually opened security grille for a serving window is different from a full steel parking garage door that opens based on an optical sensor.


When you first move into a facility, it may not have suitable equipment for your purposes. This is an especially likely scenario if you’re using the building for a new objective — for instance, if you are running a distribution center in a former retail outlet. Unsuitable or poorly maintained industrial doors can hamper your operational efficiency day in and day out, with the resulting slowness impacting the bottom line.

While unsuitable doors can wear down productivity slowly over time, avoidable downtime due to a mechanical failure has a more immediate and severe effect on operations. A breakdown affecting a loading dock door, for example, can strand shipments in a truck or a warehouse and puts logistics employees at an elevated risk of suffering a serious injury.

  1. Select suitable assets: When outfitting a new facility or refreshing your industrial doors, you should work with top-quality equipment from leading vendors, and ensure the chosen doors match your intended use.
  2. Work with professionals for installation: Expert installation reduces the risk of avoidable equipment failures and other issues that come from installation mistakes.
  3. Create a proactive maintenance strategy: To calculate and optimize total cost of ownership, you should catalog and track the status of each of your assets, with technicians performing proactive maintenance based on the findings.
  4. Be prepared for emergency repairs: Even if you minimize avoidable downtime, breakdowns can occur. Having the MINER team of expert technicians on call for emergency repairs is a way to get equipment running again as quickly as possible.

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