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Warehouse installation solutions from MINER

MINER is a national service provider that can assist with every aspect of warehouse equipment installation and oversight, no matter how many buildings you operate. You’ll immediately feel the added peace of mind that comes with working with an industry-leading partner, including:

  • Assistance from expert consultants and technicians: MINER’s new construction division can help you design and build a new facility or remodel an existing structure to new specifications. Once your project is complete, MINER’s best-in-class service technicians help you maintain every important piece of logistics equipment, from warehouse dock levelers to commercial sectional overhead doors and beyond. Our team works with you to optimize every project, every step of the way.
  • Relationships with top asset manufacturers: MINER operates free of exclusive contracts with OEMs, meaning you can select from a full spectrum of warehouse equipment assets and receive the right equipment to meet your needs. Explore the brands we sell.
  • Refined installation services and processes: Service technicians from MINER follow rigorous procedures to ensure every job is completed safely and meets their high standards. You can rest assured your equipment will be installed responsibly.
  • Ongoing maintenance and repair services: In addition to installation, MINER’s technicians can remain part of your warehouse upkeep services for years to come, providing proactive maintenance and emergency repair assistance. Regardless of the size or number of facilities in your operation, we have scalable safety and service programs to meet your facility maintenance needs.

Why do you need warehouse installation solutions?

High-quality equipment can help your warehouse achieve high levels of efficiency and productivity. However, when your assets don’t receive careful, professional installation services, that oversight can undermine their effectiveness.

Equipment that hasn’t been installed correctly may fail to live up to its potential in terms of reliability, usable life span and warehouse safety. This means to optimize the total cost of ownership of each asset, you must give some time and thought to installation.

Installation must be an area of focus because getting the most from your warehouse equipment depends on successfully installing those assets in line with the OEMs’ specifications. When you work with MINER on your warehouse installation efforts, you receive the benefits of a process that includes:

  • Assessing your needs: How do you plan to use a piece of equipment? Is it in a high-traffic area or exposed to the elements? Who will have access to the asset? The answers to these questions and more will help you choose and install the right equipment.
  • Selecting the right manufacturer and product: Since MINER isn’t limited to a few OEM partners, you can be sure you’re getting an asset that truly reflects your facility’s situation and needs.
  • Installing the equipment professionally: An installation process overseen by MINER’s expert technicians follows all applicable specifications and best practices. This sets your warehouse up for safer, more efficient operations from the start.
  • Maintaining the assets over time: To ensure your warehouse equipment keeps working up to factory specifications, you can turn to the MINER team for continued service, including both proactive maintenance and emergency repairs.

What types of equipment can receive this type of professional warehouse installation service from MINER? Nearly every asset in your warehouse is eligible. Top categories include:

  • Loading dock assets: Your loading dock plates and lifts, along with dock seals, shelters, vehicle restraints and more, can function more effectively when they’ve been installed correctly from the start.
  • Doors of all kinds: Any warehouse facility is decked out with many types of doors: Commercial doors, loading dock doors, rolling steel doors, high-speed doors, insulated doors and others. These assets can stay reliable for more cycles with professional installation.
  • Warehouse storage systems and pallet rack equipment: Your shelving, pallet racking and other warehouse storage solutions need to be secure so your employees can operate around them safely and efficiently. An expert-led shelving and pallet rack installation process can achieve this result.

With all of this equipment set up through a reliable installation process, you’re set up for successful, reliable operations for years to come.

Get started with MINER warehouse installation

Many facilities today are equipped with assets that don’t fully suit their needs or aren’t up to the everyday demands placed on them. This is especially common when buildings have been converted from one role to another, for instance, retail to warehouse. Installing new equipment — and doing it the right way, with professional oversight — can lift your facility out of that category.

Warehouse installation service should be provided by trained experts to make sure the new equipment can meet its potential. Incorrectly installed assets may not reach their factory specifications in terms of longevity or reliability. That means to ensure you get what you paid for, you should go with professional installation every time. MINER’s team is ideally well suited to this role

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