Minercare® SafeCHECK

SafeCHECK puts you on a data-driven path to help drive a consistent safety awareness program

Our SafeCHECK Survey Application (App) allows you to store important information about the fixed assets in your logistics hub all in one place. You can easily capture all the assets within your warehouse such as: loading dock and door positions, high speed doors, and high velocity fans.

Once assets are documented, you have a digital library to easily access and monitor your equipment to help optimize the product life cycle. You an also keep up-to-date on warranties and receive OSHA updates to keep you compliant.

With SafeCHECK, you can proactively and safely:

Raise safety & security standards for your company and your employees

Utilize data and electronic evidence to get real time conditions for your facility

Track warranty, OSHA requirements & proactive maintenance plans

Support budgeting efforts while reducing total cost of ownership

What you can expect with SafeCHECK:

Step one:

  • Free visual inspection of fixed assets in your facility
  • Collect and analyze data

Step two:

  • Review results with a facility expert to maximize ROI & budget
  • Develop and document a plan of action

Step three:

  • Monitor plan to ensure
    productivity & product life cycle optimization
  • Receive OSHA updates
    & awareness data to
    address ongoing needs
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How it Works

Capture asset information

The SafeCHECK Survey Application can easily create an inventory of the fixed assets in a facility.
Our facility experts start by downloading the app from either the IOS App store or the Google Play store to begin the process.
After that, the user selects the correct asset type and begins using the app to collect all relevant data for the item.

entering data

Once the asset is selected, the relevant fields are presented to the user.
Data entry is made easy by the app’s use of drop-downs, sliders and text box controls.
Once the survey is completed, all data is consolidated into our 5-star rating system to give you a current safety assessment of your facility.

Additional Categories of Information That can be Captured:

  • Photos & Video
  • Warranty
  • Maintenance
  • Safety
Learn more about how it works:
Choose the right MinerCARE® Safety and Service Program that meets your facility maintenance needs!
Safe act

Free visual inspection and repair recommendations including:

  • Clean areas to remove debris
  • Lubricate products to prevent corrosion & water damage
  • Adjust equipment to maintain safe & efficient working conditions
  • Document findings & offer recommendations
  • 1 Year Warranty on parts & labor
  • Fire doors & fans annually
  • Minimum twice per year on dock & door products
  • Free visual inspection
  • Collect & analyze data
  • Review results with a facility expert to maximize ROI & budget
  • Put a documented plan of action in place
  • Monitor plan to ensure productivity & product life
    cycle is optimal
  • Receive OSHA updates & awareness data

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