Property Management

What we do

We support leading industrial developers and property managers with national service & equipment programs including:

Developing and supplying custom loading dock, industrial doors and warehouse safety equipment specifications for their new construction projects with custom national programs to fit their clients’ needs. Support property management teams with comprehensive move-out inspections to have space in make ready condition for future tenants.

MinerCare programs to ensure your tenants have access to quick service it items are in need of repair. Miner offers schedule maintenance programs to ensure your properties and tenants have equipment that is working properly and has all safety protocols in place. Smart lease options for your tenants, with service and equipment included in lease to ensure all missional critical equipment is operating efficiently.

Common Issues We Address for Customers

  • Risking doors drifting into openings
  • Adjusting tracks and door panels to ensure a smooth operation
  • Necessary dock leveler lip adjustments to ensure proper operation and minimize risk to operation teams
  • Proper weather-seal corrections to maintain temperature and keep vermin and debris out of facilities
  • Check proper operation of integrated dock systems
  • Ensure dock leveler pits are cleaned and properly lubricated to keep equipment operating at peak performance
  • Bumper repairs not caused by misuse and abuse

Who we service


  • Prologis
  • Duke
  • Eastgroup
  • IDI
  • USAA
  • Centerpoint

Property Managers

  • JLL
  • CBRE
  • Prologis
  • Cushman & Wakefield

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Our dedicated team of industry experts have years of experience in planning and executing projects on time and on budget. From quick-turn tenant improvements to large, new construction projects, we are focused on delivering the right solutions for the right applications that operate for the long haul.

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