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It’s time to see why Miner® is the top choice to assist companies with their facility equipment and service needs. Through our FREE quote process, you can learn how our values of fast, responsive service, ethical technicians and total transparency can transform your operations.

What We Offer

Our offerings encompass all the maintenance, installation and related services needed to keep facilities running up to their potential. Every one of our clients receives the same level of fast response and commitment to uptime and efficiency. Our capabilities include:

  • Facilities Maintenance: Through both proactive strategies and emergency responses, we maintain every important piece of logistics equipment, from warehouse dock levelers to commercial sectional overhead doors and beyond. Our efforts ensure maximum uptime for your supply chain.
  • Industry-Leading Equipment Installation and Repair: We are brand-agnostic and can implement and repair the ideal assets for your facility. Dock safety equipment, dock levelers, commercial doors, material handling equipment and more are all available from top providers.
  • Construction Services: When you need to design and build a new facility or remodel an existing structure to new specifications, the Miner® team works with end users, developers, architects and contractors to optimize the project at every step of the way.
  • Property Management Support: Property management organizations can count on Miner® experts to develop solutions for their facilities, including the design and implementation of dock safety equipment, warehouse dock levelers, industrial doors and all other essential logistics assets, alongside responsive repairs, inspections and more.

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For immediate emergency service call our 24-hour emergency service hotline at 1-844-646-3787.

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