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Miner is North America’s industry-leading facility expert. Whether you have equipment down today or want to maximize uptime tomorrow, trust Miner to design, install, repair and maintain your loading docks, commercial doors and related facility accessories. With our Proactive Maintenance Solutions and expert service professionals, you’re guaranteed to increase uptime, reduce total cost of ownership and ensure safety and sustainability throughout your facility.

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Our Services

Our sole focus is to drive down the cost of warehousing and materials management operations and to improve jobsite safety. We save our customers revenue and time by understanding their business, finding efficiencies in their operation, providing faster systems repairs and delivering expertly executed proactive maintenance programs. We have become the single-source solution for some of the world’s largest brands, yet we still remain true to smaller operations, too. Every customer we work with receives the same high level of attention, the same fast response rate and the same unwavering focus on getting them back on track.

Supporting your logistics infrastructure through proactive maintenance and emergency service
Dependable equipment and expert care from our service technicians
Installation services, replacement and construction on time and on budget
Supporting leading industrial developers and property managers

Our Mission

At MINER® it is our daily mission to be North America’s facility expert in commercial door service, existing door replacement, equipment installation, loading dock repairs, loading dock service and commercial building asset management solutions to reduce customer costs and improve uptime, creating a safer and more sustainable environment.

Miner’s Ongoing Support Keeps Daikin Running Smoothly

Daikin North America, an industry leader in HVAC equipment, needed to build and manage more than 275 docks and doors at its 4.1 million-square-foot facility. The company realized early in the construction process that they would need an exceptional partner to meet the rigorous demands that building this facility would take. They chose Miner to develop the strategy for their doors, docks and dock levelers from the ground up and provide day-to-day maintenance services.


Prior to 2020, Dorćol Distilling & Brewing Company was thriving as a place to gather with friends, drink craft beers, eat food and root on the San Antonio Spurs. The COVID-19 pandemic brought the tasting business to a sudden end. But Dorćol’s owners remained committed to its successful operation, pivoting to a new business model as a full-scale distribution company.

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