Miner® Houston Installs High-Speed Rolling Doors for Better Security

High-Speed Rolling Doors are ideal for installations where personnel need to move quickly through doorways. The Miner Team in Houston installed seven high-speed rolling doors at the security entrances to a customer’s parking garage. The old doors were frequently broken and the parking lot had to be left open, which was a security issue for the customer.

The new high-speed rolling doors were a great upgrade. The doors open quicker, reducing the time employees waited to get into the parking garage. They also require less maintenance and let more light into the garage.

The parking garage was in use during the day and the job had to be completed in time for the global meeting at the facility. “We had a lot of obstacles due to small windows of installation time each day as well as needing their project completed prior to their global on-site meeting at their facility”, reported Eric Summers, Territory Vice President for the Houston Area. However, the team was more than ready to take on the challenge. John Cadena, Regional Vice President for Miner South Central, added “It was tough to dance around schedules and the Miner team did an outstanding job getting it done!”

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