Automatic Entry Doors and Electric Doors: Inspections and Maintenance

The coming holiday season will see an increase in customers and a decrease in temperature. This means extra stress on your automatic entry doors as you balance safe and efficient door operation with interior climate control. Needless to say, if your commercial entry doors fail it could be disastrous. Miner®’s Facility experts can help make sure your doors are ready to perform by performing inspections and proactive maintenance prior to stressful operation.


The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers (AAADM) have developed standards for safe and efficient operation of automatic doors. When doors operate under these standards they make your entryways safe and more convenient for pedestrian traffic. Miner®’s Facility Experts are trained to check for all the requirements to satisfy ANSI 156.10 and ANSI 156.19 regarding operators, activation zones, signage, and more.

Our experts can also inspect for ADA guideline compliance to assure that your entry ways are accessible. Sometimes this is as simple as assuring that there is ample maneuvering clearance that doesn’t overlap door swings. For ADA low-energy openers, operators need to be installed and tested. Getting the correct equipment installed and operating makes sure all your customers can access your facility.


Doors regularly inspected by our Facility Experts are also checked for signs of component wear. This helps identify equipment failure before it occurs and is one of the key components of our ProTech℠ service. Some of the systems we look at are the operators, sensors, panels, and railing. We stock our trucks with parts for most major brands so our Facility Experts can swap out worn components in the same visit.

Much like any other system in your facility, regular inspection and maintenance will help keep your doors running. Your entry doors serve as your facilities first impression and you should expect them to set high expectations. Contact Miner® today to schedule an inspection and Proactive Maintenance today.