Demonstrating Care: How Facility Managers Can Support Employees

In the U.S. and Canada, the first Friday in March marks a special day in the business world: Employee Appreciation Day. Although the unofficial holiday is only a few decades old – the first Employee Appreciation Day was celebrated in 1995, according to Business Insider – Employee Appreciation Day gives employers the opportunity to show their employees how much they mean to their teams and the greater companies.

In 2018, Employee Appreciation Day falls on Friday, March 2. This year, make a concerted effort to show your employees that they matter. Doing so can positively impact productivity and morale in your workplace.

Three things every employee needs

A 2016 Gallup survey found that only 1 employee out of 3 received recognition for a job well done in the week leading up to the poll. Further, employees who don’t get credit for their hard work were twice as likely to report plans to leave their jobs in the next year.

According to Marissa Levin, CEO and founder of Successful Culture, managers who strive to maintain a productive workplace should focus on creating an atmosphere surrounding three feelings: safety, belonging and importance. These three simple emotions will allow employees to feel comfortable and confident at work.

Show your appreciation

It doesn’t take much to show appreciation to an employee. In fact, Gallup found the most popular demonstrations of appreciation include the following:

  • Public recognition in the form of a certificate or commendation.
  • Private recognition from a boss.
  • A good review.
  • A promotion or broadened scope of responsibility.

Because recognition from high-level managers speaks volumes to employees, facility managers as well as other leaders should make an effort to point out the hard work and achievements of their employees. Doing so regularly helps instill feelings of belonging and importance.

Listen to your employees

One of the best ways to show someone you care is by taking the time to listen to them. Encourage employees to speak up about problems by inviting them to tell you about issues, or by organizing open forums where employees can offer opinions or suggestions.

Employee input is especially important when it comes to the health of equipment they use on a daily basis. In fact, employee insight is one of the most valuable resources Miner’s service professionals can get when they arrive at a facility to perform a routine inspection or make a repair. The staff knows the equipment better than anyone because they use it so regularly.

Make them feel safe

Feeling safe means different things to different people. One interpretation is physical safety, and in an industrial workplace, this is highly important. Employees who feel that they’re working in a dangerous environment could be too worried about potential disasters to do their jobs effectively or efficiently.

To make your employees feel safe at work:

  • Ensure all employees have access to personal protective equipment.
  • Train all employees on using PPE, and invite them to ask questions about anything they feel confused about.
  • Install protective equipment throughout the job site, including trailer restraints, light communications systems and barriers around holes in the floor or walls, or near drop-off ledges like the loading dock.

While physical safety is critical in workplaces that use heavy machinery regularly, there are other important ways to of feeling safe on the job. Employees should feel secure enough to bring up problems or ask questions without judgment, ridicule or fear of repercussions.

Be consistently appreciative

While Employee Appreciation Day serves as a good reminder to honor workers, this message should be demonstrated all year long. Make an effort to consistently recognize how important your employees are to your organization. You’ll be rewarded with happy workers who feel confident coming to work every day.