How outsourcing your maintenance needs can improve your warehouse

Leading an organization well involves coordination among many different job functions, including accounting, warehousing, information technology, equipment maintenance and more. Every good leader, however, knows the one thing that makes this coordination possible: the ability to delegate.

According to a Deloitte survey, 7 in 10 businesses said they outsource their IT duties, and 42 percent said they outsourced finance tasks. Sixty-three percent of “large middle market” respondents to a survey conducted by The National Center for the Middle Market said they outsourced supply chain elements, primarily transportation and warehousing.

“The best performing middle market companies’ work collaboratively with their top suppliers, often integrate business information systems, and recognize the value of 3PL partners,” said Doug Farren, NCMM managing director.

Businesses can also benefit from outsourcing maintenance, equipment procurement, and installation. Partnering with a national company that offers centralized services can help your business in multiple ways.

Why outsource maintenance and other related tasks?

The top three reasons why business leaders outsource certain functions, according to Deloitte, were as follows:

  • To save money (59 percent of respondents).
  • To focus more on their core business (57 percent).
  • To overcome capacity challenges (47 percent).

These benefits apply to many functions a business might outsource. With equipment maintenance, businesses can save money by ensuring assets are taken care of and are less prone to failure through preventive maintenance. Additionally, working with a partner with access to a large dealer network will, by extension, allow a business to enjoy low prices and discounts.

Many businesses also outsource for access to intellectual capital. In other words, they value the expertise and specific training that the outsourced maintenance professionals bring to their business. When outsourcing maintenance to companies that specialize in equipment maintenance, you’ll receive a lot of professional insight:

  • Which assets need repairs and which need replacements.
  • How to procure those replacements at a low cost and with minimal hassle.
  • How to install new equipment correctly.

Each of these aspects are critical to a well-functioning facility and a successful business. To learn more about the value that outsourcing your maintenance and equipment needs can bring your organization, contact Miner.