Is It Time for a High-Speed Door in Your Facility?

The doors in your facility serve important purposes. The right door should support your operation, but the wrong door can slow things down or create an uncomfortable or unsanitary environment.

If your aging facility needs a better door or two, it may be time to upgrade to high-speed roll-up doors. Here are a few reasons to make the switch:

Because you spend too much on energy

In efforts to keep energy spending low, facility managers invest in state-of-the-art HVAC systems, install large warehouse ceiling fans and inspect their buildings for damage that could allow air to seep out of the facility.

Each of these tasks can improve energy efficiency and maintain the right climate in your facility. But don’t forget about one of the biggest areas of heating or cooling loss: the door. The longer your door stays open, the less effective your HVAC system will be. A high-speed roll-up door goes hand in hand with a smart energy efficiency strategy. By keeping the entrance sealed off for as long as possible, opening swiftly and closing immediately, your climate controlled air will stay where it belongs.

Because your sanitary rooms are getting contaminated

Facilities working in food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and technology manufacturing must meet a certain level of cleanliness, so it’s critical that you identify all possible ways contamination can occur. One common way for contaminants to enter your facility is through the door.

Poorly sealed doors allow germs, dust or debris to enter the area. Even if a door is expertly installed and sealed, slow movements provide ample opportunity for unwanted materials to waft or crawl in. High-speed doors help prevent contamination. For an even greater level of protection, high-speed doors can be installed in pairs. Two high-speed roll-up doors can create an virtually airtight environment to further reduce risks.

Because your car dealership needs to stay cool

High-speed doors are becoming very popular at car dealerships. A comfortable ambient temperature is good for shoppers who don’t want to be too warm while browsing. Car dealerships also have mechanics bays where service professionals work on vehicles. These areas also need to be comfortable for employees, but they also need large doors to fit the vehicles they service. A high-speed door provides the space required while also maintaining a climate-controlled environment for employees.

Not only does a pleasant environment help mechanics perform high-quality service, but it’s also a workplace perk that employees appreciate. At a time when experienced car mechanics are in high demand, dealerships need to make sure their employees are happy with their work conditions and feel valued. Providing a comfortable environment is one way to do that.

Because warehouse traffic needs to flow smoothly

Workers will travel throughout your facility when transporting inventory. Driving a forklift or pushing a handcart through a doorway should not slow things down.

The wrong door will hold up production. If the door needs to be manually operated, the worker will have to step away from the vehicle to open the door, or request that another employee assist. Automatic doors may open slowly, requiring the employee to wait until the vehicle can move forward.

While a single pass through the entrance doesn’t seem like a major time burden, many trips in and out can add up significantly. High-speed doors maintain the necessary boundaries in your warehouse, such as cold storage rooms or holding areas for specific types of inventory, without hurting productivity.

Discover the right high-speed roll-up door for your facility

If any of these problems sound familiar to you, it may be time to invest in a high-speed roll-up door for your facility. The experts at Miner can help you determine which model is best for your operations, and we’ll even install and maintain it for you. To learn more about adding a high-speed door, request a quote today.