Miner Corp Expands Reach through MHC Acquisition

Miner’s commitment to high-quality equipment installation and planned maintenance services for facilities around the country has become an industry touchstone. Adding MHC Systems to the Miner family of companies is in line with this spirit of excellence, as the two businesses share a focus on customer service and general excellence in facility equipment management. Now, with MHC’s seven facilities added to Miner’s existing network, the combined footprint of the two businesses reaches throughout the Midwest. This is part of a focused nationwide expansion that will bring Miner services to as many customers as possible.

The acquisition is part of the continuing growth of Material Handling Services. MHS, which landed on Inc.’s list of the 5,000 fastest-growing companies in the U.S. for three years in a row, offers facility, equipment and fleet services to organizations around the country. With a focus on effective use of data, MHS helps companies track and manage all of their equipment spending more effectively and accurately than ever before, enabling long-term savings and continuous improvement.

Combining to better serve facilities

MHC, founded in 1983, focuses on many of the same competencies that drive Miner. MHC offers installation, service and repair on a turnkey model, along with planned maintenance. Featured equipment classes include loading docks, commercial doors, overhead cranes and mechanical equipment.

Expanding from its base of operations in Omaha, Nebraska, MHC has locations in Arkansas, Iowa, and Missouri. Adding these to Miner’s pre-existing facilities means there are now 35 offices in the combined network, covering a significant amount of the U.S. From California in the west to the east coast of Florida, Miner already reached from coast to coast. Expansion into the Midwest is an exciting next step in covering as many client facilities as possible.

In addition to merging their geographic areas, Miner and MHC are committed to sharing expertise and best practices to ensure all facility operators across the country receive optimal service with their equipment needs. The Miner family of organizations has big plans for the coming years, including new investments in asset tracking technology, real-time reporting and maintenance plan management. Furthermore, with resources and experience coming from both Miner and MHC, clients can receive more precise, timely and effective answers to their equipment management questions than ever before.

The acquisition combining MHC with Miner doesn’t represent a drastic change in the nature of either company’s services. Instead, the new partners are deepening their commitment to helping clients manage their facilities optimally, taking advantage of the new resources and personnel at their disposal. This is good news for companies operating in the Midwest or anywhere in the southern states, a territory now covered by the combined reach of Miner and MHC.

Part of a fast-growing organization

The Miner and MHC approach to facility asset management reflects the focus of MHS at large, which involves using technological advances and service improvements to simultaneously increase security while driving down cost. Industrial doors, loading dock equipment, security technology, balers and more are among the covered assets, with installation, ongoing service and planned maintenance services available. With oversight from MHS and its partner organizations, these systems work more effectively than ever, while employees are safer and costs decrease.

MHS is ready to suit organizations’ needs, even when those requirements are highly specialized or unique. Embedded technicians are available to work with client companies on an ongoing basis, setting up workshops and receiving consignments of parts to ensure all mechanical equipment is attentively and actively cared for.

If your facility is located in the large coverage area of the combined Miner and MHC, now is a great time to reach out and inquire about repairs for underperforming assets, as well as high-impact recommendations for future additions to your equipment lineup.