3 facility improvements to make before winter

Winter presents numerous challenges for professionals across the supply chain. For facilities managers, it’s important to find ways to reduce the impact that cold temperatures, ice and snow can have on a building and the operations within.

Here are three ways you can improve your facility before winter:

1. Replace your wheel chocks so they don’t get lost in the snow

When snow drifts blow into your loading zone, they can easily bury any small equipment you have outside – like your wheel chocks. A loading dock with no measures to prevent trailers from rolling away is dangerous, so it’s important to make sure you have a system you can trust to withstand inclement weather.

Consider replacing those wheel chocks with a trailer restraint system. These won’t get lost in the snow (they’re attached to the building, after all), but they’re also a safer method to prevent trailer creep year-round.

2. Use dock seals to prevent the cold from coming inside

Drafty buildings don’t make for pleasant work environments, and when wind and snow can get into a warehouse, it’s a sign that other contaminants could enter as well.

Prevent wind, snow and other unwanted conditions from entering your facility by updating your loading dock doors. When you choose the right dock seals for your building and the trucks that will dock at it, they form a tight seal around the trailer. This keeps the interior of your facility warm and sanitary, and keeps contaminants and cold weather out.

If you already have the right dock seals for facility, set aside time to inspect them. Any damage they may have sustained since last winter can reduce their effectiveness. Replacing them before the temperatures drop significantly can avoid issues later on.

3. Push rising heat back down to the ground with an HVLS fan

Warm air rises, and that can leave the ground level of your facility frigid during the winter. To maintain a comfortable and healthy work environment, chilly conditions may lead you to increase the temperature on your HVAC system, but this will only bump up your energy bills and may not be very effective at making the facility any warmer.

To push that warm air back down to where you need it, consider installing large warehouse ceiling fans. High-volume, low-speed fans break up columns of hot and cold air, making the ambient temperature consistent throughout your facility, which can reduce your reliance and put less strain on your HVAC system as well as keep energy costs under control.

Miner can help prepare your facility for winter

Is your facility ready for the cold temperatures ahead? To make sure your building can handle the cold and snow this winter, reach out to Miner. We can help you determine the best ways to keep your facility comfortable, safe and energy efficient this winter. Our experts are well versed in facility assets and are brand agnostic. Their recommendations will be tailored to your unique needs.