EXCLUSIVE WEBINAR! Critical Points For Safety Around The Loading Dock. Find out what makes the difference between a safe and hazardous loading dock.


Think your loading dock is safe enough? Think again! Our team of experts shares critical information to help you determine if your loading dock is as safe as you think it is — and how to fix potentially dangerous issues before avoidable accidents happen. In this webinar, you will learn the following:

  • Why the loading dock demands such a detailed inspection and how to do it.
  • Did you know the loading dock makes up for approximately one-quarter of all accidents? We can help prevent these types of accidents with our step-by-step guide.
  • Why a $5,000 dollar investment in the correct safety equipment could prevent a $200,000 OSHA fine — or even a $1 million dollar payout in the case of a serious incident.

Our MINER Corporation leaders Dennis Sanacore, Johnny Allen, and JP Palmerini will help you assess your loading dock’s safety and offer solutions that go above and beyond OSHA’s requirements to keep your operation running at peak efficiency by avoiding accidents. But that’s not all! Schedule your no-obligation site safety survey with our talented panel of experts today!