MINER’s Expertise Provides Cutting-Edge Solutions to Silver Eagle Distributors

One of the country’s largest beverage distributors leans on MINER® each time they want to expand their business—and that partnership has lasted more than 20 years.

Silver Eagle Distributors operates along the three-hour stretch of Interstate 10 between Houston and San Antonio. They supply a variety of domestic and craft beers, spirits and nonalcoholic beverages to retailers on the route.

Silver Eagle was looking for a partner to provide expertise in building a network of facilities to tie their beverage empire together. MINER was the company with whom they chose to partner, and the two companies have grown together and built an indestructible relationship that keeps their warehouses humming.

The Challenge

Houston-based Silver Eagle Distributors, an independent beverage distributor, sought a partner that could install and service their docks, doors and more throughout their Texas-based distribution network.

The Solution

MINER provides full-service consultation, installation and maintenance services for each of the company’s eight facilities, which drives continuity and safety practices across all locations.

The Results

MINER maintains a core level of employees to quickly respond to issues, helping reduce downtime, and follows shared guidelines and goals for safety. They also helped with new warehouse designs, collaborating with subcontractors and architects to ensure the proper equipment is installed and meets Silver Eagle’s business needs.


From the beginning in 1999, MINER worked together with Silver Eagle to develop some of the most cutting-edge warehouses in the country. By installing high-quality equipment and having the expertise to keep it running, MINER has played an instrumental role in helping Silver Eagle create safer warehouses.

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“The key to what MINER does is that they understand our business,” says Greg Stephens, director of facility maintenance for Silver Eagle Distributors. “They ask questions to make sure what they put in place is what is best for us and what is needed.”

Silver Eagle places enormous trust in MINER service technicians to foresee potential issues and offer effective solutions before they occur. That’s why Silver Eagle engaged with MINER’s team when they decided to build two new warehouses.

“MINER is always bringing the latest innovative products to the table and thinking of how these installations might affect the warehouse in the future,” Stephens says. “They make sure the products they recommend will work for you, and they will talk to the subcontractors and architects on your behalf. They are true partners in every sense of the word.”

Stephens says he couldn’t imagine having anyone but MINER take care of their dock doors, door levelers and safety equipment.

“Everything they take care of at our facility is crucial to our facility running smoothly,” Stephens says. “They’ve been taking care of us for the past 20 years, and I expect they’ll still be helping us 20 years from now.”

“ I would highly recommend MINER for anybody looking for a service provider in their industry. They’re cost-effective, honest and trustworthy, and I can’t endorse them more strongly.”

Greg Stephens, Director of Facility Maintenance

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