Preparing Facilities and Equipment for Winter

Winter is coming. According to national forecasts, this year’s winter will be much colder than last year. Bitter cold and frequent storm will plague most of the US throughout the season. The busy holiday season already puts pressure on your critical facility equipment. Miner®’s Facility Experts can help make sure you’re ready to keep running strong when the weather hits.

Weatherizing Equipment

Speaking of weather, the best way to keep the weather from slowing down your facility is to keep it out in the first place. Earlier this year, we talked about keeping your docks dry. Dock seals and shelters help keep winter precipitation outside where it belongs. This equipment also seals out cold wind on otherwise drafty docks.

Sealing out winter temperatures is equally important for other entryways. High-speed rolling doors and air curtains help in industrial entries. This type of equipment increases the efficiency of large doorways by keeping weather out while allowing equipment operators easy access. Automatic entry doors can also be a problem for busy store fronts. Air curtains can help as well as regular inspection to make sure the doors are operating efficiently.

Climate Control

Controlling interior temperatures is important for both comfort and safety. It may come as a surprise that the same High Volume Low Speed fans that help keep you cool in the hot summer months can help in the winter, too. In previous articles, we’ve discussed how this can reduce cost through efficiently circulating the air in your facility. These warehouse fans redistribute warm air to reduce dependence on heating elements to keep large spaces comfortable. In addition to controlling comfort, redistributed dry air will reduce moisture build up from winter precipitation.

Planned Maintenance

Planned Maintenance and free facility inspections from our Facility Experts ensure that facility equipment is working properly. By inspecting opening seals and equipment, problems can be identified before costly failure can occur. This is one of the biggest advantages of the proactive maintenance service plans provided by Miner®. ProTech℠ Proactive Maintenance provides further value by diagnosing signs of equipment wear early to optimize Total Cost of Ownership and save on facility costs.

As you plan for increased business as the year ends, rest assured that Your Facility Expert℠ will keep you up and running. Contact Us to schedule a Free Building Walkthrough and Inspection to protect your business from environmental conditions.