Choosing the Right Warehouse Racking: Exploring 4 Options

The warehouse racking system is like the skeleton of your operation. It holds and organizes your inventory and supplies. The right system will make your employees’ jobs easier and support an efficient work process.

There are plenty of warehouse storage solutions available today, so let’s take a look at four popular options:

1. Selective pallet racking system

Selective pallet racks are the most common style of racking for good reason: They’re uncomplicated and easy to access. They’re designed to be approached from both sides, making retrieval simple.

One of the biggest downsides of selective pallet racking systems, however, is capacity. Because their static shelves are spaced far apart, enough for employees to travel down, whether by foot or forklift, this style of racking system fills up quickly. But if tailored correctly to your operation, it shouldn’t become an issue.

2. Automatic storage/automatic retrieval

Automatic storage/automatic retrieval systems, on the other hand, are great for dense operations that require a lot of storage space. They take advantage of vertical space and use technology to store or retrieve items. AS/AR systems are also known for ergonomics. The system will bring items to employees at the touch of a button, which are delivered at ergonomic heights so people don’t have to twist or bend to pick up the goods.

3. Push back pallet racking

Push-back pallet rack systems are great for maximizing your storage capacity. The columns these racking system are made of support inclined rails, which hold palletized goods. Pallets are only accessible from one side, and with each addition to the rack, previously stored carts are pushed back. It’s a first-in, last-out system.

4. Drive-in pallet racking

Drive-in and drive-through pallet racks are also first-in, last-out systems and support high-density storage. Different than push-back systems, drive-in pallet racks are open at both ends for loading and unloading. The columns that support this system are spaced far enough apart to allow forklifts between the shelves.

Miner can help you choose the right warehouse racking system

These four systems provide numerous benefits, but each warehouse is unique. What works for someone else may not work for you. Miner’s team of experts can help you choose the best racking system for your needs today and tomorrow. Simply request a quote, and we’ll get the conversation started.