Discover the Benefits of HVLS Ceiling Fans for Your Facility

Large warehouse fans can do a lot to improve working conditions at a facility. High-volume, low-speed fans have extra-long, slow-turning blades that move a great deal of air at once, which keeps facility temperatures consistent.

Here are a few examples of the advantages that facilities can experience with HVLS fans:

1. Comfort and savings at the same time

When it’s hot out, HVLS fans are a real relief. They stir up huge columns of air instead of just small sections, making them highly effective at cooling off anyone working on the floor.

Since the HVLS fans work so well at keeping people cool, there’s less of a need for air conditioning in facilities that are equipped with these appliances. An HVAC system is still good to have, but HVLS fans will supplement it well, which can reduce the cost of cooling. For facility managers trying to find the right balance between comfortable employees and affordable heating and cooling, pairing HVLS fans with an HVAC system is a win-win.

2. Workplace safety

Does your facility suffer from sweating slab syndrome? Many do. Sweating slab syndrome occurs when condensation builds up on cement floors. The floor becomes slippery, and workers are now at risk of falls. Equipment like forklifts may also have a hard time retaining traction. Because HVLS fans encourage evaporation, they are excellent for reducing moisture on the ground and alleviating this safety risk.

Heat stress is another safety concern that facility managers should be aware of. When temperatures rise, workers need to keep themselves cool and safe. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend increasing air velocity as a way to reduce the risk of heat stress. HVLS fans are perfect for this task.

3. Pest control

No facility manager wants pests in his or her building. However, some pests are tricky, especially those that can fly. Physical barriers like dock shelters or door screens can prevent creatures from flying into a warehouse, but these are most effective when paired with additional measures to keep pests out. HVLS ceiling fans can help with this issue too. Large turning blades will scare away birds, and the air movement can push bugs away as well.

What health and safety concerns do you have for your facility? In many cases, an HVLS fan might be the solution you’re looking for. Reach out to Miner to learn more about how a warehouse fan can benefit your workplace.