Miner opens the high-speed door to energy savings and ADA compliance

What good is a door that doesn't function properly?

We recently worked on a project involving two hollow metal doors at the entrance of the headquarters of a major airline in Atlanta, Georgia. They could open and close, but they were severely damaged and had outdated operators that weren't compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. People entering and exiting all day put excess strain on the doors, and the company knew it needed to find a solution quickly. So the airline reached out to Miner.

Our team noticed the damage and the antiquated controller right away, but we also noted an additional issue with the doors: They opened so slowly that the building was losing a considerable amount of air conditioning and heat.

After collaborating on several ideas with the client, we decided to replace the doors with a set of TNR HDF 88 oz Vinyl high-speed doors with Falcon Activation. These provided a few advantages over the damaged hollow doors previously used. First was the polyester core weave material used in these vinyl doors, which is sturdy enough to take a beating in high-traffic environments. It's a perfect solution for mitigating damage at entrances that pedestrians use all the time, but it also means that the doors will last a long time – much longer than the original hollow metal doors.

Second, the Falcon activator is ADA-compliant and built to last, even in harsh environments. Finally, because they are high-speed doors, they help to keep air conditioning and heat in the intended area. This should help the company save money and have a more comfortable work environment.

When basic equipment like a door falls into disrepair, it's easy to continue using it without another thought. Old doors might still technically work, but their slowness and damage can present new challenges. In situations like this, an update can save money, improve productivity and reduce irritation caused by poorly functioning doors. To learn how Miner can solve problems in your workplace, request a quote today.