When is the right time to add a HVLS fan to your facility?

High-volume, low-speed fans are valuable additions to any warehouse, and they’re becoming more popular by the day. They can make your facility more comfortable, cut energy costs and even reduce risks to employee safety.

So how can you tell when it’s time to invest in an HVLS fan? Here are some situations that call for a warehouse fan upgrade:

When you’ve got a bad case of sweating slab syndrome

Sweating slab syndrome is commonly a summertime problem, but it can happen year-round. It’s caused by a buildup of moisture, often due to high humidity.

SSS can be dangerous because it makes your floors slippery. When moisture builds up on the ground, workers are more liable to slip, and vehicles have a harder time breaking. A skidding forklift can damage equipment, destroy inventory and pose a serious threat to pedestrians in the area as well as the driver. Slips and falls are among the most common workplace injuries.

HVLS fans encourage the evaporation process, thereby making a safer and dryer workplace.

When your HVAC system needs help

For many facilities, there are two forces at odds with each other: climate control and the cost of heating and air conditioning. While it’s important to heat or cool your facility as needed, facility managers must also keep a close eye on utility expenses.

Large warehouse ceiling fans can help with both heating and cooling. The long blades stir up air pockets, creating a more even distribution of heat. As hot air rises, HVLS fans push it right back down to ground level. At the same time, the increased air movement helps keep employees cool on warm days. This can take some of the strain off your HVAC system and help to cut energy costs.

When you’re sick of birds flying into your warehouse

No facility manager wants to waste time chasing birds out of their warehouse. They’re a nuisance, a risk to product integrity and a health hazard.

Warehouse features like high-speed doors and dock seals can prevent birds from flying in, but some may still sneak past. A more effective deterrence may be making your warehouse less attractive to the birds. Turns out, they hate the slowly spinning blades of HVLS fans. Installing these industrial ceiling fans for warehouses can be a great defense against flying pest of all kind.

Is your facility ready for an HVLS fan?

These situations aren’t the only ones where an HVLS fan can help improve conditions at your warehouse. If you house livestock, have a large showroom or still use outdated warehouse ceiling fans that aren’t offering much advantage, it may be time to consider an upgrade. Reach out to Miner to schedule a facility assessment. One of our professionals will come out to review your building. Get started by requesting a quote today.