Miner’s Expert Advice: Repair Versus Replace

At Miner®, our Facility Experts keep your critical equipment up and running to reduce costly downtime. However, once equipment nears the end of its useful life, questions about when the cost to repair outweighs the cost of replacement have to be considered. This is when the Install Program from Miner® can help.

Our Facility Experts get these question regularly: Should we repair the equipment? Can we overhaul it? Can we just replace the unit altogether? The complexity of these questions is compounded when a particular unit fails frequently. Proactive maintenance from Miner® helps identify and prevent equipment failure before it occurs as well as track cost of repair. This allows you to more accurately track your Total Cost of Ownership, which is a critical metric when considering replacement.

The cost of repair isn’t the only matter to consider. Equipment failure also impacts production and revenue. On top of monetary considerations, employee safety and productivity are impacted by down equipment. Miner®’s services are designed to optimize up-time and Total Cost of Ownership. Keeping up with manufacturer’s suggested maintenance and performing regular performance checks (including regulatory, OSHA, ADA, FDA, fire or brand standard compliance) not only prolongs the useful life of the asset but maintains the safety, comfort, and productivity of your staff.

What about when replacement really is the answer? Choosing replacement equipment has the potential to positively impact your total cost of owner. Selecting more efficient or reliable equipment can decrease future operating and repair expense. Your Facility Experts are standing by to assure that your equipment is installed correctly and complies with regulatory and safety guidelines.

Deciding whether to repair or replace mission critical equipment can be much easier with accurate information. The Facility Experts at Miner® are here to help with advice on proactive maintenance plans and new equipment purchase and installation. Request a Quote today!