Miner’s Expert Advice: Keeping Your Docks Dry

Loading docks are considered the most hazardous areas of any operation. According to OSHA, 25% of all accidents occur at the loading dock and the majority of those accidents result in back injuries costing companies in the United States nearly $80 billion each year. Slips, trips and falls are among the most common occurrences. They are also easy to prevent. Moisture in the dock area increase the probability of accidents and is compounded when you add forklift traffic and moving product. This month, Miner®’s Facility Experts offer some advice on your docks dry and running safely.

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Dock Seals and Shelters

Dock Seals & Shelters are fabric structures mounted on the exterior of the building around the top and sides of the loading dock door opening and are designed to seal out the elements and prevent energy loss. These seals provide an effective barrier to snow, sleet, rain and condensation build up to keep your dock drier and safer. Additionally, wiper pads can be added to some shelters to keep external moisture from the trailers from entering the loading and unloading area.

High Volume Low Speed and Warehouse Fans

High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans are an efficient way of moving air and keeping employees comfortable in large spaces. The light weight blades of these large fans produce a massive column of air that the flows down toward the floor and outward in all directions before drawing it back vertically toward the blades, creating what is known as the horizontal floor jet. This floor jet not only increases circulation in large spaces but helps to minimize floor condensation and keeps areas drier.

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