Miner’s Expert Advice: Safety Inspections

Here at Miner® we make safety a priority. All of our facility experts get fully trained on staying safe on the job and how to improve facility safety. We know that keeping an eye out for potential improvements to safety on the work site is not only good for their personal well-being but also for those working around them. A free safety inspection from one of Miner®’s facility experts can bring some fresh eyes to potential safety pitfalls at your locations.

A Culture of Safety

The first step to a safe facility is promoting a culture of safety. Creating a safe facility is no accident. It takes a continuous effort to get it right. All employees should feel that safety is their responsibility and be aware of how to prevent common workplace accidents. Planning to prevent accidents through training and education is the first step to creating a safer facility.

Loading Dock Safety

The loading dock is another area that needs careful consideration when it comes to safety. Not only is it a high traffic area where both heavy machinery and pedestrians operate together but the docks present to opportunity for slips and falls. Falling accounts for a large majority of workplace accidents and the potential for injury increases when there is a drop between floors. If open docks are common in your facility, dock barriers or guardrails can help prevent falls from the dock. Additionally, truck restraints can keep trailers secure to the dock during loading. Forklift accidents from trailer creep can cause the forklift to turn over which is the primary cause of forklift-related deaths.

Ventilation and Climate Control

If your facility experiences extreme temperatures, climate control and ventilation are an important consideration to your facility’s safety. Warehouse fans help keep temperature consistent throughout your facility in both extreme hot and cold weather. In the past, we have also talked about how fans help keep docks dry to avoid slips and falls. Warehouse fans can serve as a critical part of your safety plan.

Stay Visible

Lighting and visibility are important in high traffic areas such as the docks but is equally important throughout your facility. If material handling equipment operators navigate areas where there may be pedestrian traffic then visibility becomes key. Traffic lanes and high traffic areas should be clearly visible and easy to identify with ample clearance for aisles and passageways. Well-lit racking areas make navigating tight corridors and identifying potential operating hazards easier. Making critical safety components in the work area easier to see makes it easier for your employees to avoid accidents.

Safety Inspection cover a variety of common safety areas as well as specific items depending on your facility’s operations. The Facility Experts at Miner® are ready to help you improve the safety of your facility and, more importantly, the people in it. Contact us to Request a Safety Inspection today!