Miner’s Expert Advice: Predictive Maintenance

In order to lower your operating cost and reduce downtime, your equipment must operate reliably. This is why maintenance is such an important aspect of your operation. The right maintenance plan can reduce downtime and lower operating cost, but not all maintenance plans are created equal. Miner®’s ProTech℠ service focuses on a proactive approach to maximize uptime while reducing Total Cost of Ownership. To really understand the advantages of ProTech℠’s proactive maintenance plan it helps to compare it to other modes of maintenance. There are four major categories of maintenance modes including proactive, reactive, preventative, and predictive maintenance. While each mode has its advantages, none of them address the systemic elements of a maintenance program like proactive maintenance.

Reactive Maintenance

This hands-off approach to machine maintenance works best in a “run-to-failure” environment. While reactive maintenance keeps the cost of routine maintenance and technician visits low, those are about the only benefits of reactive maintenance. Costly downtime from unscheduled repair or even replacement dissuades many managers from this approach.

If your equipment does unexpectedly break down, Miner®’s XPress℠ same-day service can get you up and running. Use our Request Service Now tool to request same day service fast.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is more hands on than reactive maintenance but is often less costly in the long run. By planning maintenance around specific time intervals problem components can be repaired or replaced before equipment failure. This leads to an estimated 12 to 18 percent in savings over a reactive maintenance plan according to the EERE.

Predictive Maintenance

Where preventive maintenance is routine maintenance on a specific time interval, predictive maintenance involves continuous measurement to identify potential failure and repair specific components. Research done by NASA showed that the predictive maintenance model reduced unexpected breakdowns and scheduled maintenance downtime that would otherwise be used to inspect the machinery piece by piece. The time savings and focus on specific components led to an estimated 50 percent reduction in maintenance program cost.

ProTech℠ Proactive Maintenance

Unlike the other three maintenance modes, ProTech℠ proactive maintenance focuses on systemic elements of a maintenance program rather than the equipment itself. By controlling the problems that lead to machine wear and tear, proactive maintenance aims to prevent replacement of components and need for repairs. Though proactive approach requires additional technician visits it is less expensive on average than the other three. The facility experts at Miner® can create a plan to monitor and maintain equipment to mitigate repairs.

The monitoring required for proactive maintenance goes beyond the machine itself. One of the most important processes for preventing downtime through proactive measures is operator education. Operators of equipment need to know and practice safe and correct operation of machinery. Safety inspections performed by Miner®’s Facility Experts can help identify where equipment operation could lead to downtime via failure and consequential injury.

How Do I Choose?

The good news is that Miner®’s Facility Experts can help with any mode of maintenance. If you need emergency repairs we are always standing by to help. However, we offer additional benefits for our ProTech℠ programs:

  • 10% savings on parts and labor for planned maintenance
  • 1-year warranty on labor
  • Facility Experts perform regular checks for regulatory compliance

To get more information on our ProTech℠ Proactive Maintenance program Request a Quote or Contact one of our Facility experts.