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Project Manager

“If you put in the hard work and prove your worth at Miner, they are ready to help you move up in responsibility as soon as you are ready."

Empowering Our Veterans

If you’ve served your country in any branch of the U.S. armed forces, Miner Corporation will offer you the support and stability of a fulltime, well-paying job. After six years as a corpsman in the U.S. Navy and serving across the globe, I came home with a strong desire to find stability in my professional life. One day, a high school friend of mine who already worked for Miner called me because he needed help installing dock equipment at a Miner job site. As someone who has always had an aptitude for fixing things and taking on new challenges, I agreed to help him out— and that was the first time I was exposed to the Miner Corporation community. The team clearly respected each other, and they were willing to work together to get the job done right, right now. I finished the job and asked my friend if Miner was hiring—and just like that I found myself with steady work as a Service Apprentice with the company. I had zero dock or door experience when I started, but Miner was willing to invest in training me to be able to serve our customers; in the same way the Navy trained me for what I needed to know to serve our country.
Within six months, I was promoted to Service Professional. My military experience, discipline, work ethic, and Miner’s on-the-job training paved the way to career advancement. If you put in the hard work and prove your value at Miner, they will help you move up in responsibility as soon as you are ready.
Within another six months, I was promoted again to Project Manager, where I oversee nine Account Executives who are working on new construction projects and remodels. I find that my military training— particularly my ability to juggle many different critical tasks at once—makes Miner the perfect place for a veteran looking for a career after you’ve completed your service.


We are continually investing in our people, our technology and our services, in order to drive customer success. When you invest in us, we invest in you. Working with the industry leader gives you access to the best opportunities:

  • An employer with proven financial stability and leadership
  • Continued commitment to you and your safety
  • Opportunities for training, adventure, and career advancement

Calling all veterans

We are proud that such a large part of our workforce is made up of veterans. This is done intentionally, and we are honored to have them lead many of our maintenance shops across the nation. Our company and our customers benefit from the experience of our military veteran team members. We invite all military veterans to explore career opportunities at Miner.

Amazing Talent dedicated to service

We have exceptional employees who go above and beyond to deliver world-class services to our customers every day. From skilled service technicians, customer service managers, sales executives and more, we’re always on the lookout for talented people to join our team. We are committed to helping employees grow professionally and learn through on the job training or career advancement opportunities. Meet members of the team below and find out why they love MINER!


Project Manager, National Accounts

“That’s what makes Miner different—I feel seen, heard and supported by my leadership, and they guide me to pursue my personal goals and help the company grow.”


Expert Service Technician

“Miner has made sure they’ve invested in my technical training so I can do the job properly. And at the end of the day, I get to drive my service truck home knowing I did a good job."


Regional Vice President for the Southeast Region

“The flexibility at Miner, particularly in comparison to other large organizations I’ve worked for, is great at bringing out the best in its employees."

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